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Disposing of cartridges as waste can contribute drastically to a landfill which affects the environment in an extremely destructive way. Unfortunately, most of the ink and toner cartridges (around 2 billion) utilised globally end up as waste in landfills and are less likely to be recycled or reused. 

Considering the environmental concerns and how a waste of even small size or volume can cause trouble for piling up in landfills – it is important to know where to take cartridges for recycling so that they are reused and not wasted. Good news is that you can actually make money by recycling cartridges. Hence, you are not just saving the environment but are also adding to your pocket. Here are three simple ways you can recycle your empty toner and empty ink cartridges for cash:

  1. Search for online stores accepting used empty cartridges

Online stores such as eBay or Amazon provide you with a platform to advertise your empty cartridges. The prerequisite is to make sure your cartridge is in good condition and that you have all of its specifications listed for interested buyers to know what they are buying. However, virgin cartridges – those which have never gone through refilling once are more likely to be purchased by intended buyers. There are certain websites such as ours, where you can sell your empty toner and ink cartridges for a pertinent monetary benefit. We recycle cartridges for cash to save them from ending up in landfills.

2. Office Supply Stores 

There are certain supply stores which you can look around in your vicinity that have some legal rights to collect and recycle used cartridges. Their payment method, however, may vary. Some provide you cash on-spot for the cartridges you sell them. While others might provide you with some credits that you can utilize on merchandise on their partner’s list. Both provide you with the benefit of selling your cartridges for monetized benefits.

3. Recycling drives 

You can start a recycling drive on your own by connecting cartridge sellers with buyers. You can do this for two reasons – a) for playing your role in protecting the environment & b) for earning profits as a mediator. 

If you want to recycle your empty Epson toner or Ink cartridges, contact us today! 

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