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A recycled ink cartridge is a cartridge that has been used and returned. This cartridge is washed at the recycling centre, where all the working parts are changed and then it is finally remanufactured to use again. This cartridge works as a brand new cartridge and studies have shown that there is no difference between the printing quality of a recycled cartridge and a brand new cartridge. The cartridge recycling centres can be found easily in Edinburg, Cambridge, Manchester, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds and Birmingham. 

How efficient are recycled Epson T200?

Constantly buying a brand new Epson T200 cartridge can be heavy on your pocket and it makes printing an expensive task especially if your work demands a lot of printing. At the same time, nobody wants to compromise on the quality of the print. So if you own a business that requires a lot of printing, the smart choice will be to opt for remanufactured or recycled ink cartridges. 

The recycled Epson T200 cartridges have proven to be efficient in good quality results. Moreover, these cartridges also support recycled ink. There is a myth regarding the recycled ink that it may damages the printer however, these myths are not true. Epson T200 supports remanufactured or recycled ink and do not damage the printer. 

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