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Epson ink cartridge

Printers are modelled to work under comfortable temperatures however if the temperature tends to drop or rise within the area there are ample chances for the printing quality to get affected. Extreme temperatures can affect the ink cartridges as well. Highly cold or hot temperature not only affects the ink and printing quality but it also damages the cartridges itself. Several ink cartridges including Epson T200 are sensitive to temperature, thus require proper care and need to be stored at a reasonable temperature. Following are the few ways in which an Epson ink cartridge reacts to extreme temperature.

Extremely Hot Temperature:

If an ink cartridge is exposed to highly hot temperature, it will generate air bubbles inside the cartridge. Since mostly the ink inside the cartridge is water-based, it will cause the ink to expand inside. Once the expansion starts the ink will start to leak out from the cartridge. The leak will not only damage the cartridge but will affect the printer as well. Thus revealing the cartridges to the temperatures so intense can damage the printer and performance.

Extremely Cold Temperature:

Exposing your ink cartridge to intensely cold temperature can cause the ink to harden. As the ink inside the cartridges is water-based so it can expand inside a cartridge and will cause the cartridge to crack. Moreover, the ink will clump inside the cartridge and the printer will not be able to work efficiently due to the hindrance in the smooth flow of the ink.

 So if you have ink cartridges currently in use i.e. inside the printer then you must place your printer at a place not exposed to frequent temperature changes. If your cartridges are not in use currently, make sure not to open the seal and store them in a place having a moderate temperature

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