Cartridge Recycling How to Find Us Give Feedback

No. Because we provide excellent qualities in terms of cartridges. Before making an offer, we test the cartridges to see their optimum performance to ensure their upright working condition and high-standard.
No. We work as a platform for people to sell and buy empty cartridges and empty toner cartridges.
It usually takes around 24 hours for our customer care team to get back to you with an offer after carefully analysing your request.
After we collect your empty cartridges, you will get the payment within the next 24 hours.
A local courier guy arranged by us will collect your empty cartridges within a day or two and will ship it to us.
These cartridges are made of polymer plastics and they take around 400 to 1000 years to get decomposed. Around 350 million cartridges in the world end as wastes in landfills each year - which makes around 3.5 pounds of solid waste bringing a serious threat to the environment. Recycling cartridges will help us protect our environment by reducing waste and GHGs (Green House Gases) emissions and also, you can save money.
A virgin cartridge is the one which has never gone through the process of refilling before. A non-virgin cartridge is the one which has been refilled or tampered either by an amateur or a manufacturer.
Yes. We deliver our services to customers across the globe through fastest and efficient means.
Yes. We have a standard for accepting good-quality cartridges. We do not accept worn-out or broken cartridges.
We accept only the virgin cartridges of all conditions except the broken ones. You will get the payment for all the cartridges but not for the ones that are broken.