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If your work demands a lot of printing that simply means the more consumption of ink. Thus the cost of refilling your empty Epson cartridges will take a considerable amount from your budget. 

Epson printers are famous for providing excellent results because the cartridges consist of two categories of colours, whereas other models of printers require a different cartridge for different colour i.e. a different cartridge for black printing and a separate cartridge for colour printing. 

We have devised following tips through which you can save ink using Epson cartridge and it will stretch the ink supply, thereby saving you a lot of money.

  • Print using ‘Draft’ setting:

You must print using the ‘Draft’ setting of your printer. The option can be accessed through the Epson printer preference menu. This saves your printer from using any extra ink as you will be able to preview the document before printing and it also makes printing faster.

  • Prefer Grey Scale setting:

Always use greyscale setting i.e. black and white printing, unless you need a formal display or require any colour in your print. In this way, the printer will use a lesser amount of ink as compared to the regular colour setting.

  • Avoid printing unnecessary hard copies: 

Avoid printing hard copies if they are not necessary. You can request for an online receipt instead as in the case of financial transactions or web purchases.

  • Use ‘Range’ setting in Web page printing: 

When printing a webpage, always select the part that you need instead of printing the entire file. Open the Print menu, then modify the page settings from all to the range settings so you can select the ones you need.

  • Always Preview the document before printing:

There are instances when you end up printing incorrectly that can lead you to reprint a number of times before you actually get the desired result. In order to avoid such instances, it is advised to always check the print preview. Print preview helps you to have a look at the information that you will get on the page along with the margins. Once you are satisfied with the preview you can print the document without any fault.

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